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90210's AnnaLynne McCord

Here’s a beautiful fashion story for July’s Jezebel Magazine’s cover issue of 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord that I worked on a couple of months ago and have been DYING for it to come out!! Because the clothes were so luxurious and chic, I created a makeup look that was polished and sophisticated.

90210's AnnaLynne McCord 2

Here’s exactly what I did:

I applied Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation in #7 then powdered all over with Giorgio Armani Loose Powder in #1.

Armani Designer Armani Designer

I contoured under her cheekbones for extra drama with Mark Cosmetics Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder in Pro Glow, then dusted directly on her cheekbones with Mark Good Glowing Mosaic Blush in Sandy. Make sure to sweep both all the way up to your temples, into your hairline.


I used a combination of the lighter gold shades in Dior’s Sunset Cafe 5-Colour Palette along her entire eyelid, blending up and into the crease.

Dior5- Color Palette in Sunset Cafe

I used Dolce & Gabbana Crayon Intense Eyeliner in Stromboli along the entire lower lash line, drawing the line thicker than expected, almost using it more as a shadow for drama instead of a liner for definition.

Dolce Gabbana Crayon Intense Liner

Followed by two coats of DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Nior, then I applied individual lashes along the upper lash line.

Dior Show Iconic Mascara in Nior

I wanted AnnaLynne’s gorgeous mouth to be highlighted, but not compete with her eyes and the dresses, so I applied Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Champagne Blush, an elegantly sheer golden pink.

dior addict lip color dior champagne blush addict lip color

Here are some more shots from the story, shot by John Russo in his studio in Los Angeles. I am obsessed with the long white dress by Issa London!

cid_FFD0C38F-D62C-48B2-AA91-668FFB4 cid_7E0F7E3E-1063-49ED-9E79-76DAE6B cid_3B6C6686-6A2C-45A2-9431-1DE3476 cid_2DDEDEC9-992B-4212-8D9D-776E2F8 cid_D2CD91CE-10ED-4A6B-91C1-D4D0EC7 cid_8572817E-17FC-475C-8FFC-7FD7026

All photos courtesy of John Russo, Jezebel Magazine, Dior Beauty, Mark Cosmetics, Dolce & Gabbana Makeup and Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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