10 Benefits of Using Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is quite popular in the Asian countries and is frequently used in food and medicine. It not only proves to be a good ingredient in most food items but can also provide your hair and skin with the adequate nourishment. Not convinced yet?

Then check out these 10 amazing benefits of using a virgin coconut oil and you would never stop using this oil again:

1. Reduces cholesterol

One of the best benefits of using a virgin coconut oil is that it helps in keeping your cholesterol reduced which in turn protects you from catching any cardiovascular disease. It contains lauric acid which is responsible for keeping the total cholesterol level low and ensures that only the good cholesterol increases.

2. Promotes weight loss

Another great benefit of using virgin coconut oil is that it helps in your fat loss routine. Since it contains medium chain fatty acids which are not like normal fats and don’t circulate in your bloodstream so these fatty acids don’t get stored in your body in the form of fat. In fact, it gets converted into energy and is stored in your body in the same form.

virgin coconut oil

3. Controls diabetes

This oil also acts as a natural insulin in your body. It won’t help you in producing more insulin but it will control the blood sugar by increasing the insulin secretion. So, with this oil, you don’t have to worry about catching diabetes anymore.

4. Decreases the chances of heart disease

Another benefit of using virgin coconut oil is that it can protect you from cardiovascular diseases. It was found in a study that people who had 30 to 60 percent of caloric intake from coconut oil had almost non-existent rates of heart diseases.

5. Helps the immune system

Since it contains lauric acid, it is also helpful in supporting your immune system and making it better.

6. Promotes faster healing

You can also drink this oil will water as it is said that it protects you from illness and can help in speeding up your recovery if taken regularly.

7. Great for the skin

Another benefit of using virgin coconut oil is that when you apply it on your skin, it forms a protective layer which nourishes your skin while keeping the infected area away from any harm. It can also quicken the healing process and helps in clearing up all the scars.

8. Boosts brain activity

It is also been found that using this oil can help in improving your cognitive functions and is particularly effective in treating people with neurodegenerative diseases in the initial stages.

9. Helps in hair thickness

Another benefit of using virgin coconut oil is that it makes your hair look lush and thick. As it penetrates deep into your scalp and nourishes the hair follicles to promote hair growth, it also stops the hair fall and makes your hair look shiny and voluminous again.

10. Useful in Ayurvedic medicines

It is been known that due to coconut oil’s healing properties, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for over 5,000 years now. It is safe and can work on most kinds of wounds.

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